Thursday, May 15 - 2014
Toronto, Ontario



Why Canada’s Behind in Enterprise Mobility…and How That’s a Good Thing
Krista Napier: Manager, Mobility & Consumer Research, IDC Canada

Mobile devices have flooded into Canadian businesses, leaving IT managers, line of business, and C-level executives worried about security, privacy and productivity. While there is no shortage of mobile devices in the workforce, businesses have fallen behind in developing optimized mobile app strategies, supporting productive work, and managing it all, let alone deriving any meaningful insight. IDC will elaborate on these trends, and will deliver key tactics that vendors, solution providers, and carriers can use in 2014 to turn this disadvantage into opportunity.

The Canadian Realities of the Internet of Things (IoT)
Tony Olvet: Group VP Research, IDC Canada
Carrie MacGillivray: Program VP, Mobile Services, IoT & Network Infrastructure, IDC

What is the value of a highly connected economy? In a world with billions of connected autonomous networked devices – who do you partner with? Who is your competition? Who is your customer? What does the roadmap for IoT in Canada look like? What are the most important vertical opportunities? IDC will provide an update on the IoT market and specifically the Canadian opportunity as we see it unfolding in 2014 and beyond.

Why Channel Partners Must Move To The Cloud, And Why They Probably Won’t
Darren Bibby: Program VP, Channels & Alliances Research, IDC

Cloud computing is forcing many SIs, VARs, and ISVs to change their business models to effectively compete. IT Solution Providers must add cloud to their business now, or face irrelevancy in just a few years. Yet the business model change needed is often too much to handle. IDC will explain why this is the case, and reveal the key factors behind the business case to accelerate this critical move.

Keynote: Key Battles and Strategies for Dominance on the 3rd Platform
Crawford Del Prete: Executive VP, Worldwide Research Products & Chief Research Officer, IDC

With all IT industry players’ eyes now firmly on the 3rd Platform, and leadership of the IT Industry for the next two decades at stake, IDC’s Chief Research Officer, Crawford Del Prete, will provide an update on IDC’s long-term views. He will address how key markets in mobility and platforms, cloud services, big data and social technologies, industrytransforming killer solutions, Internet of Things and shifting customer profiles will play out through 2020.

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