June 16 – Board of Governors Dinner with Lydia Lee

Thursday, June 16 - 2016


Public-private sector collaboration is a key enabler to promote innovation, accelerate commercialization and drive economic growth in many industries in Canada. Can this approach work for public sector healthcare too?  The pressure to transform healthcare delivery has never been greater. At 11% of GDP, health spending in the “big three” cost driver areas – hospitals, drugs, physicians – continues to rise. But what if we think of this nearly $220B annual spend as a market driver? With advances in digitization of healthcare delivery, openness toward innovation in procurement and unprecedented availability of data, Canada can leverage Medicare into forming the underpinning of one of the largest innovation engines in the world.  Building on previous project leadership in developing a regional integrated EHR solution for 7 million citizens in the Greater Toronto Area, Lydia Lee will discuss the “end of the era of big builds” in healthcare IT, what we do with all of the data we have now collected and how partnering with both disruptive start-ups and large private sector firms alike are key to transforming the public sector healthcare industry.


LYDIA LEE, Senior Vice-President and CIO of University Health Network (UHN) and the 2015 CanadianCIO of the year will share her plan to digitize service delivery and improve the patient and healthcare provider experiences. Lydia is widely respected as a visionary leader in the e-health community.


ATTEND the ITAC Diversity Pre-Event Reception to lend your endorsement and help officially launch the Women on Boards Registry. Come out and meet some of the key women who are strong candidates to sit on ICT Boards. Guests will also hear from Silicon Valley based, Jeff Hocking, recruitment expert from Korn Ferry who will present on the importance of Board diversity in the tech sector.

IN ADDITION to having such a distinguished speaker, please join us at the Board of Governors dinner as we honor Karna Gupta, Past President and CEO of ITAC, who dedicated five years leading ITAC and who continues to support the industry. Our dynamic guest speaker, Lydia Lee, was the 2015 CanadianCIO of the Year Award winner and one not to be missed.


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