IDC Directions & Canadian CIO Symposium

Thursday, May 5 - 2016
8:00am - 3:00pm
St. James Cathedral, Toronto



Join ITAC, ITWC and IDC Canada on May 5th for IDC Directions & Canadian CIO Symposium, an annual Canadian ICT industry tech trends conference. Over the past few years we have witnessed a dramatic digital transformation across the IT industry, with 3rd platform influencers such as cloud, big data or mobility and innovation accelerators like robotics and the internet of things (IoT), intertwining themselves into all areas of business operations at breakneck speed. In 2016, the focus for competitive organizations must begin to shift from understanding these technologies, towards leveraging them in a scalable way on the mission to secure positions as “digital leaders”.

IDC Directions & Canadian CIO Symposium brings together partners, vendors, end-users and industry experts to explore the most pervasive and impactful technologies, trends and organizations currently influencing this ongoing digital transformation in Canada.

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Topics and markets to be explored include:

  • Leading the 3rd Platform and Digital Transformation to Scale: In 2016, and over the next three to five years, IDC predicts that enterprises — and their IT suppliers — will “flip the switch,” committing to a massive new scale of DX and 3rd Platform adoption to stake out leadership positions in the “DX economy.” IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens will share IDC’s provocative outlook for what the massive scale-up of 3rd Platform IT — and the DX economy it unleashes — will mean for the IT industry, its customers, and its key players.
  • Dealing with Digital Transformation: A CIO panel will explore how companies are dealing with digital transformation and why they think it’s important to embrace it. As a business leader, where do you invest from an executive standpoint to make sure your organization is leading in connectivity and digitization? As a CIO, what skills do you need to invest in? What strategic partnerships should you consider?
  • Internet of Things: The world of connected devices only gets more exciting and complex as industries continue to explore connectivity in both consumer, enterprise and industrial settings. Get an update on where we stand in Canada and how to stay competitive in the digital economy.
  • Robotics: Advances in robotic systems capabilities coupled with cost reductions are helping to increase the adoption of robotics. Explore the evolution of this market in Canada and its impact on the future of tech in business and society.
  • Mobility & Augmented Reality: What is the future of mobility and augmented reality? What are the trends emerging from Asia and what are the implications for Canada?
  • Computing Infrastructure: With IoT connectivity comes immense advances in data generation and analytic workloads; how does one’s network support such growth? How do you modernize legacy infrastructure, or invest in new capabilities while remaining secure?

­Hear from IDC’s brightest local and global analysts regarding opportunities, areas of risk and emerging market trends related to these areas. Arm yourself with the information that will guide you down the best strategic path for digital transformation within your organization.

Location: Snell Hall – St. James Cathedral Centre – 65 Church St. Toronto, ON M5C 2E9
Time: 8:00am – 3:00pm

  • ITAC Members: $125
  • Non-ITAC Members: $175
  • Table (8 seats): $875


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