IDC Directions-DX Reinvention: The Race to the Future Enterprise

Thursday, May 2 - 2019
All Day Event

IDC Directions 2019 Canada: Industry thought leaders will provide you with insight, analysis and actionable advice on the rapidly evolving ICT market, presented by IDC Canada in partnership with ITAC, ITWC and the CIO Association of Canada.

Organizations are rethinking digital transformation. After some high-profile failures, innovation is being treated as a sideshow, and elusive ROIs, organizations are reshaping their digital visions and their tactics for getting there.

With greater clarity about what the future enterprise will look like and what it will take to compete in redefined industries, companies are pivoting away from digital for the sake of innovation to digital for the sake of the business. There is now a laser focus on applying digital technologies to address the future of work, customer engagement, intelligence, operations, and leadership.

Our keynote speaker, Frank Gens will kick off the event and look even closer at:

  • How multiplied innovation will move from emergent to mainstream over the next five years
  • Sharing IDC’s latest research into which technologies IT management practices, and business models it will take for enterprises (and their IT vendors) to dramatically scale up the pace and volume of digital innovation
  • Will describe what is no less than a “race to reinvent” — the economy, industries, businesses, IT architectures, innovation tools and methods, user interfaces, trust mechanisms, and the IT industry structure itself — to be ready for the onrushing digitized economy.

This event is focused on the Canadian ICT market and explores how digital transformation is progressing in Canada.  Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Top Executive priorities
  • Enterprise apps transformation
  • 5G
  • AI & process automation
  • Quantum computing
  • FinTech
  • Data Infrastructure
  • AI Startups
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Industry transformation
  • Future of work.

Date:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
Time: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Location:  Snell Hall, St. James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church Street, Toronto

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