ITAC Cybersecurity Workforce Development – Community Consultations

Monday, November 18 - 2019

Cybersecurity Workforce Development – Community Consultations:
ITAC needs your help!

Are you finding it difficult to find skilled cybersecurity professionals for your organization? Are you concerned about the national cybersecurity skills gap?

Here’s your opportunity to help!

ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada), through its Talent division, has been engaged by the Federal Government to create a cybersecurity workforce framework and national occupational standards (NOS), which will help define learning outcomes for cybersecurity educators and training providers. ITAC is also in the process of reviewing the requirements for a national certification process.

As part of this project, ITAC will be conducting consultations within the broader cybersecurity and business communities to help further define and validate both the framework and the NOS and provide input to the potential requirements for a national certification process.

To simplify the process, ITAC will be doing these consultations via e-panel. That means no traveling or significant burden on your schedule – all the engagements will be online and done in your own time between November 20th and 22nd.

How it works:
These online ‘discussions’ will enable participants to provide their insight and feedback directly online to a variety of questions, any time of day or night. Once registered, participants will receive a URL with information how to connect online.

Please register HERE if you would like to add your voice to the conversation. Register by November 18, 2019.

Who should participate:
Participation is welcome from any interested parties, but are seeking input and perspectives of those in the following communities:
• Cybersecurity managers – CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, CISOs and managers from public or private sector organizations who are seeking or currently employ cybersecurity personnel. In addition to getting your insights on the framework and NOS, ITAC is hoping to gather other insights that you may have on the cybersecurity talent gap.
• Business and HR managers – If your organization is having challenges in recruiting, selecting or retaining cybersecurity talent or you have effective strategies in place, ITAC is interested in your opinions on the framework and NOS and determining what other tools or support you may need to help meeting your organization’s cybersecurity talent goals.
• Cybersecurity Practitioners – You have ‘lived the dream’ as you have managed to seek and find employment in this highly dynamic and engaging field. Regardless of your role, ITAC is interested in garnering your impressions of the framework and NOS as well as getting your perspectives on the need for a national certification process.

Contact Sandi Campbell, Senior Program Director, Cybersecurity Skills Initiative, ITAC Talent at

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