ITAC Health Interoperability and Standards Committee

Thursday, May 9 - 2019
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Via Webinar

Interoperability and Standards Committee (ISC) Reoccurring Scheduled 2018 – 2019 meetings

Co-Chairs: Toni Skokovic (iNTERFACEWARE) & TBA

Scheduled meetings: November 8, 2018, January 10, 2019, March 14, 2019 & May 9, 2019

Formulating and publishing our Interoperabilty position clearly demonstrated ITAC’s potential to contribute to Canadian healthcare. As we look forward, our healthcare system will be challenged in terms of quality, coverage and financial sustainability. As a community, we are uniquely positioned to bring about positive options for our healthcare system to rise to these challenges.

We believe that our global experiences and contribution to healthcare systems we make internationally form a body of knowledge and experience that holds unique value to our own healthcare system. As members of our community, sharing these as experiences and best practices offers real world scenarios that are vetted and proven.

Building on our committment to working, adopted, standards, we would like to dedicate our efforts in organizing a series of events where we can share, discuss and showcase strategies and solutions for a more effective healthcare systems for all stakeholders. Featuring 3-5 success stories from our members, we would host an annual event to present and discuss topics relevant for our provincial and federal health providers.

Over the next few months, we would like to open an invite to all participating ITAC Health members to suggest and offer a success story relevant to the context of improving patient care, a more cost effective delivery and rapid solution timelines.


To promote the adoption of internationally accepted standards for technology, nomenclature, data, and interoperability in health sector. To ensure the membership’s interests are being represented in key areas related to standards and emerging Provincial and Federal regulation.

    • To present a unified industry voice and consultation vehicle for government, associations and policy makers and standard setting bodies.
    • To assist the vendor community to become more knowledgeable about standards and interoperability issues and solutions and to share this knowledge and expertise.
    • Develop skills and knowledge exchange amongst the members and the wider informatics community.
    • To formulate positions on issues that may arise with respect to standards and regulations, and undertake work to establish how best to address and resolve these issues.
    • To promote and facilitate the establishment of national functionality standards, conformance testing and certification processes, including privacy and security issues, so as to facilitate a “level playing field” for all vendors predicated on quality assurance for the marketplace.
    • To ensure the development of secure electronic sharing of patient information (with appropriate patient and physician consent) between vendor systems through the use of Canadian and international interoperability standards.
    • To help members adopt internationally accepted standards to allow Canadian companies to sell abroad.

ITAC Health (ISC) – Interoperability Standards Recommendations Task Force

Contact is:  Elaine Huesing,Executive Director, ITAC Health

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