ITAC Health’s ISC Webinar: The Adoption of Technology Corporate Standards

Friday, April 17 - 2015
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Complimentary Webinar


Presented by Ken Sutcliffe, CTO, Cancer Care Ontario

Over the last five years, CCO has undergone changes in the provision of information technology (IT) services. These changes have facilitated CCO’s move away from project-centric technologies and “best of breed” solutions to enterprise grade platforms using standardized architectures and technologies where applications follow design patterns. Please refer to CCO’s Enterprise Architecture Blueprint for more information.

 An assessment by a third-party organization was commissioned in 2014 to ensure that CCO’s existing IM/IT technologies were relevant and that future renewals would be conducted competitively. The assessment process involved conducting a review of CCO’s technical architecture, including: steps for procuring legacy technology products and determining options for moving forward; as well as reviewing CCO’s technology standards in comparison and relation to selected organizations.

 The overall findings of the report indicated that the progression of CCO’s technology (standards, architecture, etc.) are comprehensive and follow leading practices. It also found that all organizations with enterprise wide IT architecture would have these technologies embedded in key line-of-business solutions and processes. CCO’s Current Technology Standards  will now inform the procurement approach in the future.


The objectives of this webinar is to:

       Provide an overview of (Cancer Care Ontario’s) CCO’s journey to developing the Technology Corporate Standards

       Discuss the impact of incorporating recommendations into current architecture and procurement process and how this may impact potential vendors

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