ITAC/IDC Tech Trends – Blockchain Uses & Future Possibilities

Thursday, October 19 - 2017
8:00 am - 12 noon

DATE: October 19, 2017

LOCATION:  Twenty Toronto Street, 2nd floor, Grand Salon, Toronto


Are you interested in what blockchain technology is, emerging use cases and what it means for your business and industry? Join IDC Canada and ITAC on October 19th for a tech trends breakfast event to discuss how blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), will impact Canadian enterprises in the coming years. Blockchain in its most basic terms is a new and evolving digital form of immutable shared record keeping. Every organization has different requirements and needs for blockchain and distributed ledgers – however there are some key use cases emerging which will be applied across multiple industries. From financial record keeping to documenting smart contracts and performing asset or shipment tracking, the possibilities are continually evolving.

Join us on Thursday October 19th to explore how blockchain has the potential to change how we do business.  This breakfast event will educate attendees about the near-and medium-term capabilities of blockchain systems, focusing on real world business applications across a multitude of industries while addressing the following questions:

  • How is a blockchain or distributed ledger built and how does it function?
  • What are the benefits of a public shared ledger vs. private? Who can use it and how can my business leverage and apply the technology?
  • Which industries are expected to see the greatest impact?  What are the key use cases?
  • What do organizations need to consider when developing their own blockchain process or strategy?
  • Who are the innovators driving awareness and early adoption? What are the drivers impacting investment and growth?
  • How can my business leverage blockchain technology and what should I focus on?

IDC and other industry experts will explore how enterprises can apply blockchain and distributed ledgers to your business to build a competitive edge.  We will highlight use cases across industries, beyond Financial Services.  Join us to discover the potential for this technology, what benefits it can bring to early adopters, and its longer term transformative impact across several industry sectors.

Watch back here for program updates.

See Full Detailed Agenda IDC ITAC Tech Trends Blockchain Event Agenda

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