MEMSPro/ANSYS and Micralyne MicraGEM-Si Training

Tuesday, November 18 - 2014
Two Day Conference

This training event will provide information to become a better trainer and support person at your institution.

This two-day training course will comprise of lectures by softMEMS and Micralyne plus hands-on practical sessions:

  • Day 1 covers Micralyen MicraGEM-Si process flow, design of MEMS devices using MEMSPro
  • Day 2 is devoted to the advanced features of MEMSPro and simulation of MEMS devices with ANSYS

In this training course, you will:

  • receive training materials you can share with your colleagues at your institution, and
  • learn how to explain what is available from CMC and in the NDN, and how it is accessed.

Note: Lunch and snacks are included with each course.

Target Attendees

The prime target attendees are the ones that are interested in providing training and/or support to other users in their institutions. To be legible as a trainer you should:

  • Be a faculty, student, or research staff from a Canadian Academic Institution.
  • Agree to be identified and act as the designated trainer for their research group. For more information,  see the Trainer Requirements.
  • Have a Designer or Prototyping Subscription.

Note: Registration is open to both academic and industry.


  • MicraGEM-Si Platform
    Micralyne MicraGEM-SiTM is a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) based MEMS process which is ideally suited for the manufacture of tilting mirrors and mirror arrays for variable optical attenuators (VOA) and wavelength selective switch (WSS) modules, commonly used in fiber optic telecom networks as well as resonators, inertial and bio sensors.The training course will take one hour to go through the MicraGEM-Si process flow and the design kit. You will learn how to use the MicraGEM-Si PDK to make your MEMS design.
  • MEMSPro
    MEMS Pro is a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use CAD tool suite for the design and analysis of MEMS. It offers an integrated solution for the design process that shortens development time while providing designers reliable analysis for manufacture. Functionalities include mixed MEMS/IC schematic capture and simulation, full custom mask layout capability and verification, 3D model generation and visualization, behavioral model creation, and links to 3D analysis packages.

The training course will teach you the fundamentals of the MEMSPro software and learn how to design your MEMS device, conduct design rule check, build a 3D model and prepare the model for analysis in ANSYS.

  • ANSYS Multiphysics
    ANSYS Multiphysics software offers a comprehensive product solution for both multiphysics and single-physics analysis. The product includes structural, thermal, fluid and both high- and low-frequency electromagnetic analysis. The training course will teach you how to use ANSYS to simulate the MEMS device created in MEMSPro


For more information and registration click here!

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