Startup Skills for Students: LinkedIn Masterclass #1

Wednesday, September 30 - 2020
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST

LinkedIn Masterclass (2 Part Series)
with Dean Delpeache – see bio below.

Having a digital professional brand summarizes your unique strengths and what makes you different in the talent marketplace. Your brand defines who you are, what makes you exceptional, and why you should be a company’s next hire.

LinkedIn is a global tool that employers use to search for the best and brightest talent. This LinkedIn Masterclass consists of two modules that will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you create new connections.

In this LinkedIn Masterclass we explore how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to create your digital professional brand.
You will learn:

  1. The power of your professional personal brand
  2. The keys to creating an optimized LinkedIn profile to be viewed by recruiters.
  3. Tips and tricks around LinkedIn recruiting and applicant tracking systems.

Dean Delpeache

For the last ten years Dean has been focused on talent management and creating frameworks of equity for organizations.
Through his consultancy, Strasity, he helps organizations design a strategic framework focused on Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity (DIBE).

Dean is also a Professor of Diversity Management at George Brown College, and is a global conference speaker, delivering talks and workshops to both students and industry professionals. His passions for talent and DIBE have led him to become a vocal advocate for creating equitable workplaces.

Dean possesses a Masters in Human Resources Management from York University and has completed a Certificate program in Leadership and Inclusion from Centennial College.

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