Impending Changes to Federal Procurement Framework

Thursday, May 12 - 2016
10:00-11:00 am
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The Government of Canada (GoC) has initiated several changes in an effort to modernize procurement and support transformation initiatives.

Attend ITAC’s free webinar to find out more about federal procurement modernization and the importance of ensuring your business remains aligned to the changes taking place.

DATE:  Tuesday, May 12th, 2016

TIME:  10:00 am

Did you know?

  • Shared Services received authorities to exclusively manage the NMSO and several SLSA categories on September 1, 2015
  • These procurement vehicles are now under review and efforts are underway to modernize and transform how hardware, software and services will be procured going forward
  • Procurement policy frameworks are being revised to refresh areas like Limitation of Liability along with implementing new frameworks like Vendor Performance Management into future contracting vehicles
  • Initiatives to automate procurement and supplier management are also underway, to streamline engagement, develop e-stores for departments, and move to a single window for public service procurement

ITAC is playing a lead role in working with the key departments driving these changes and making sure industry has a voice at the transformation table.  ITAC wants to ensure you remain aligned and proactively in support of the changes taking place.

Do you do business with the federal government and want to be part of the conversation?  Join ITAC  and provide sector perspective and give your input on the changing frameworks.

Do you have questions?  Contact Mariana Kutin Morais at

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