WSIB Vendor Forum – Input on Procurement

Wednesday, April 19 - 2017
9 am - 12 pm

Take part in a WSIB Vendor Forum

We want to hear from you how we can improve our procurement processes.

The WSIB depends on vendors to provide a wide range of services that directly or indirectly serve the workers and employers of Ontario.

So it’s important that our procurement process works simply, efficiently and transparently for the vendors who do business with us, and for those who would like to.

You can help us make our process work better for you by taking part in a vendor forum being set up to seek your input.

Date:  Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Time:  9 am  – 12 noon
Place: Simcoe Place, 200 Front St. W., Toronto

Introductions 15 min
WSIB Strategy & Key Priorities 30 min

Corporate Overview

What is working well and what are opportunities for improvement -Two way feedback

30 min

RFX  Process

o   Clarity of requirements and objectives
o   Clarity of evaluation criteria
o   Quality of responses to questions
o   Adequacy of posting time
o   Negotiations
o   Commercial terms and conditions
o   Legal terms and conditions
o   Debrief meetings


30 min

Contract and Vendor Management   

o   Ongoing two way feedback on progress
o   Timelines and delivery
o   Dispute resolution
o   Communication
o   Administration


30 min

Best practices and suggestions for improvement which will

o   Consider the uniqueness of Public Sector Procurements
o   Allow adherence to procurement directives and trade agreements;
o   Fair
o   Open
o   Transparent
o   Geographically neutral
o   Value for money
o   Facilitate

45 min

Please email by April 13, 2017 to let us know you’re interested in taking part in the forum.

Because space is limited and we’re interested in a having a cross section of vendors, we may not be able to include all who are interested – so sooner you contact us, the likelier you are to attend.


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