ICT Research Support Invaluable: Gupta

Ed HolderResearchers looking at the Canadian ICT scene got excellent news Wednesday when the Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology), announced financial support for several IT-related ventures during an event at Brandon University in Manitoba.

“The federal recognition of the opportunities associated with the digital economy is heartening,” says Karna Gupta, President and CEO of the Information and Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). “Our organization is pleased to be a partner with two of the initiatives directly, and we will be watching the others with an ICT focus with interest.”

ITAC is pleased to be a partner with Dr. David White of University of Toronto as he leads a group of 24 colleagues from across the country and around the globe in a six year effort to look at the ICT industry in Canada in a global perspective. The project, The Digital Opportunity, will receive $2.9 million.

ITAC partner Ojelanki Ngwenyama of Ryerson University was awarded $197,000 for a two-year study of ways to accelerate digital technology adoption in Canadian companies. Ten academic partners and eight private sector or non-profit partners are participating in his research.

With modernization of the public sector a key priority of ITAC, Gupta says the association will be watching the work of OCAD University’s Greg Van Alstyne and Ian Wilson of the University of Toronto as they carry out a three-year study looking at the transformation of government practice for the digital age.

Ed HolderAnother ICT-related initiative announced Wednesday will look at the impact of digital technology on First Nations participation and governance.

In making the announcement Minister Fast said the all the investments are focused on creating jobs, prosperity and improving the quality of life of Canadians, as well as encouraging industry-academic research partnerships that lead to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.