Interns with ICT and Business Fundamentals Available Mid-May

ryersonAre you looking to hire summer interns? Better yet, graduates from Arts, Humanities and Social Science faculties that have been put through a two-week intensive Boot Camp training program to increase their ICT and business fundamentals knowledge? Ryerson University’s ADaPT (Advanced Digital and Professional Training) initiative can help.

What’s more, funding may be available to offset remuneration for your intern.
Employers in the ICT sector are often looking to complement their pool of technically skilled employees with ones from the arts, humanities and social sciences – since these graduates possess needed skills in communications, research, project management, and more. However, graduates would still ideally have a working knowledge of the ICT sector. ADaPT-ICT works to fix that gap.
Through a two-week intensive Boot Camp at Ryerson University in early May, students will work with Ryerson professors, industry professionals and leaders in an innovative training program to position themselves at the head of the pack with training in digital literacy, programming, social media, and much more! After successfully completing the modules in the intensive two-week boot camp, participants then join companies as an intern.
Internships would start mid-May and ideally run for a minimum of 12 weeks.

The benefits for our Industry Partners?

• Access to a pool of top new graduates from humanities and social science who have been personally recommended by faculty members. No need to find your own.

• Involvement, if you wish, in helping pre-screen intern applicants.

• Availability of interns with increased ICT and business fundamentals knowledge, through the ADaPT-ICT Boot Camp.

• Ability to modify or create learning modules to meet your industry’s specific needs.

If you would like more information or would like to express interest in an intern placement, please contact Scott McCammon at