Introducing ITAC’s Digital Economy Policy Forum

ITAC has been in the forefront of those advocating for a robust digital economy strategy for Canada for a decade now. Last month, the Government of Canada released Digital Canada 150, its strategy to connect Canadians to all of the opportunities of the digital world by 2017. The DC 150 lays a foundation for the ongoing task of nation building in the digital age. ITAC will continue to advocate for all of the elements necessary to build a digital economy, including some elements that DC 150 overlooked.

The key mechanism for collecting member views on the digital economy is ITAC’s Digital Economy Policy Forum. This forum has its antecedents in the Digital Economy Regulatory Forum, which was primarily but not exclusively focused on regulatory issues.  The new forum will address a broader array of issues including rural and remote broadband deployment, e-commerce, privacy  and the internet of things. With a wider scope we anticipate that this forum will appeal to a broader community of ITAC members.

The first meeting will take place on May 12, chaired by Colin McKay of Google Canada. If you would like more information or to join this forum, please contact David Messer.