Invitation to Canada’s tech industry to respond to government questions around how the sector is impacted by COVID-19; A short survey

March 24, 2020

To all our TECHNATION Members – With the past few weeks of the rapidly increasing COVID-19 crisis, it is becoming very clear that TECHNATION has a critical role to play in coordinating communication and input for both our members and for our government stakeholders.

First and foremost, the challenges posed by this crisis: Senior officials from both the Government of Canada and the Ontario Government have asked for input on how the Canadian tech sector is coping during this crisis. Specifically, we are seeking information about how the global health crisis is affecting your business and how governments across the country can better support our industry through this time. You have an opportunity to provide specific feedback as to mechanisms and actions the government can /must take to support your company and unforeseen challenges at this very difficult time.

Secondly – opportunity amidst this crisis: A number of you have reached out with respect to your technology, ability, and willingness to provide support to government during this crisis. We want to highlight your company’s technology value – that could or should be deployed by the government in support of the current crisis. You may have the capability to provide customized Ai solutions and predictive analytics, health care supply chain visibility, resource optimization, or the ability to rapidly develop customized government service applications. We want to share it all and ensure government leaders have the knowledge and insight visibility they needed for agile and rapid decision making.

With the above in mind, TECHNATION has developed a simple ‘TECHGOV Innovation Exchangefor GOV Crisis Management. In essence, this tool will provide a ‘business to government’ market database – where we can provide visibility to any level of government, current technology solutions and future crisis capability of our members’ technology!

We currently have an ongoing dialogue with the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario and Municipalities, including the Health Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), Shared Services Canada, Global Affairs Canada, the Department of Finance Canada, and other departments and we need your input. We ask that you please take 10 minutes to respond to this survey and the following question prompts. In terms of current challenges, you do not need to respond to all questions: their purpose is to prompt a response. There is no minimum or maximum length required. All responses back into government will be stripped of identifying data (such as your name, your company’s name) unless otherwise stipulated as ” * Required”.

With respect to the ‘TECHGOV Innovation Exchange – we will be using this initial information to populate our database, and following up for confirmation of further details.

On a personal note, in this precarious time, on behalf of TECHNATION I want to reiterate our interest in hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or members of the TECHNATION team with particular experience, challenge or recommendation you have. We are sincerely here to help

To complete the survey, click here.

Thank you for your time and participation in this critical information at a time of global crisis.


Angela Mondou and the TECHNATION Team.