ITAC Calls on Ottawa to do more to support ICT sector

Howard Solomon – September 29, 2016

The federal government has to take a lead role in encouraging adoption of information and communications technologies to push innovation, says an IT industry lobby group.

“Despite Canada’s world-leading infrastructure, ICT adoption across Canadian businesses and citizens significantly lags behind other countries, resulting in lower business productivity and reduced prosperity for Canadians,” says in one of two position papers released Thursday by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)  “To ensure a strong and successful innovation agenda, the government must take a lead role in spurring adoption across the nation—demonstrating the benefits of technology across all sectors, while simultaneously investing in the next generation of digital infrastructure.”

The position papers come as the federal government seeks input on creating innovation and cyber security strategies.

To realize the economic, social and democratic benefits of the digital economy, Canada must work harder to create world-leading digital infrastructure and facilitate the broader adoption of technology, says the paper.

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