ITAC Extends International Business Development Focus In 2014

ITAC has recently received notification of funding from DFATD to continue to promote international business strategies among Canadian ICT companies overseas in 2014.

We will be returning to Dubai in October. We have received DFATD support to bring 10 companies to GITEX, the largest ICT trade show in the gulf region. The focus of this mission will be on smart infrastructure and cybersecurity. And, in 2014, ITAC will be expanding its network of contacts in the gulf region to provided better B2B connection in the region for our mission participants.

We will also be returning to India, most likely in January 2015, with approximately 10 companies in our mission. This mission will not be tied to a specific trade show and will be built from the ground up for companies in specific tranches of ICT such as security, health or telecom. Working with private-sector partners and DFATD trade commissioners we will build a program that delivers general and specific business introductions for the companies recruited for this mission.

ITAC has a number of initiatives to promote international business development strategies among Canadian ICT companies. For more information, and to see how your organization can benefit from DFATD financial assistance, see our International Business Development page.