ITAC Health Board of Directors Announces New Board Members and Newly Appointed Chair and Vice Chair


ITAC Health is pleased to announce that effective June 3rd, 2015 a new ITAC Health Board of Directors Chair and Vice Chair will be appointed and five new member representatives will begin their 3-year terms as Directors on the Board.   The current ITAC Health Board approved the slate that was presented by the Governance Committee at their May 12th meeting.

The new appointments for Chair and Vice Chair are Gary Folker, Senior Vice President, Orion Health and David Pattenden, Strategic Account Director & National Health Industry Strategist, VMware, respectively. David Mosher, Director, RelayHealth at McKesson Canada, the current ITAC Health Board of Directors Chair, will assume the position as Past Chair and Mike Clarke, General Manger, GE Healthcare IT Canada, the current Vice Chair, will continue his service as a Director on the Board.

Effective June 3rd, the following member representatives will join the current Board members as directors on the ITAC Health Board:

Ken Stevens, VP Healthcare, Intelliware Development Inc.

Daniel Penn, President/Co-Founder, Shift Health Paradigms Ltd.

Chris Carbone, Executive Vice President – Co-Founder, Mindful Experience, Inc.

Paula Hucko, President, Goldcare Inc.

Pierre Lemire, President and CTO, Calgary Scientific Inc.

The ITAC Health Staff, President, Brendan Seaton and Executive Director, Elaine Huesing congratulate the new members and new appointments of the 2015 – 2016 ITAC Health Board of Directors and are looking forward to working with them in the coming year to provide continued successes in serving the ITAC Health members.

On behalf of the ITAC Membership, we thank David Mosher, the outgoing Chair and Mike Clarke, the outgoing Vice Chair for their tremendous contribution and outstanding service they have given to ITAC Health over the many years.   So much has been accomplished and ITAC Health has grown and excelled in that growth during their leadership!

If any ITAC Health members are interested in becoming more involved with the ITAC Health Board Committees, please contact Elaine Huesing. We look forward to the next year and working with the new Board and membership!