ITAC Helping to Link Employers and Job Seekers

MagnetThe Information Technology Associate of Canada (ITAC) has entered into a new partnership that should make it easier for Canadian ICT companies to find the talent they need to grow their businesses.

ITAC has joined with Magnet to expand the career platform’s supply/demand pipeline, giving job seekers access to significantly more jobs, and small- to medium-sized businesses an easier, more accurate, and more cost-effective way to tap into the supply of qualified candidates.

Magnet’s membership currently includes the Ontario Chambers of Commerce whose members represent over 60,000 employers, over 24 universities and colleges, and a growing list of employment-focused organization across Ontario dedicated to generating jobs and other opportunities.

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“The number one issue for information technology companies in Canada is talent. With Magnet’s precision matching technology, companies will quickly and easily be able to find the workers they need to be more efficient and therefore more competitive,” says ITAC CEO Karna Gupta. “We are encouraging all members to participate.”

The partnership is a win-win for youth and technology companies struggling to find workers, says Mark Patterson, Executive Director of Magnet.

“To date, 39,000 job seekers are leveraging the Magnet network to connect to meaningful employment, including a large pool of new immigrants and other individuals facing barriers to employment,” he says.

“The future leaders of the sector are out there looking for work now,” says Chris Drummond, Executive Director, ITAC Talent and the organization’s Magnet liaison. “Anything we can do to make it easier for our member companies to find these young leaders is well worth doing.”

Mr. Drummond said it takes just 10 minutes for a company to build a profile and then it can begin looking for the talent based on criteria that range from geography and education to skill sets, language, and experience. The system provides an automated candidate matching technique that searches for top candidates and invites them to apply for the jobs that match their skills and interests.

The Magnet platform protects individual privacy. Individuals’ personal information is released only when the individual authorizes it to be released, and only to the employers and opportunity holders the individual specifically consented to by responding to the opportunity. There is no public profile section for individuals on the site. Individuals are matched based solely on their qualifications, skills, and interests.

About Magnet
Magnet is a not for profit social innovation that uses leading-edge technology, analytics, and community-building to address unemployment and underemployment amongst under-served populations. The initiative was incubated at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone, is partly funded by the Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities, and currently counts 21 Ontario colleges and universities, as well as over 90 community partners.

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