ITAC Hill Day 2017 Success

On April 10, 2017, ITAC hosted its annual Hill Day in support of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector in Canada. The purpose was to build our brand and demonstrate the value of working with the ICT sector as partners.

Representing ICT fundamentals in building a successful Innovation Agenda in Canada, members sought to provide constructive advice, gain insight on budget announcements and co-create solutions with Government on the new session ahead.

C-suite executives from 30 member organizations were assembled into four teams: Talent and Skills Development; Digital Economy; Digital Government; and Trade and Competitiveness representing issues that matter to the ICT sector. Collectively they had the opportunity to discuss budget announcements and next steps with Ministerial and Departmental leadership with:

  1. Employment, Workplace Development and Labour
  2. Canada’s School of the Public Service
  3. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  4. Infrastructure and Communities
  5. Public Safety Canada
  6. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  7. Public Services and Procurement Canada
  8. Shared Services Canada
  9. Privy Council Office
  10. Treasury Board Secretariat
  11. National Revenue Canada
  12. Small Business and Tourism
  13. International Trade
  14. Conservative Party of Canada (ISED, Finance, Science, Infrastructure and Trade Critics)


Following Hill Day, a reception was held in the evening on Parliament Hill and was attended by 33 Members of Parliament,  Senators, 8 Political Staff, 16 Ministerial Staff and 18 leaders from across the Departments met with during the day.

To capitalize on the fact key decision makers and influencers were at the Reception, ITAC’s focus on ICT Fundamentals for a Successful Innovation Agenda remained front and Centre. Special thanks to our National Board Members that spoke to each key area and underscored the ICT sector’s interest in flushing out the related budget announcements.

  • Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft represented Digital Government
  • Jeremy Auger, Chief Strategy Officer at D2L represented Talent and Skills Development
  • Andrea Stairs, Managing Director at eBay represented Trade and Competitiveness
  • Mirko Bibic, Senior Vice President at Bell represented Digital Economy

To view the photo gallery from the reception, please click here: