ITAC Lauds Revamped Science Technology and Innovation Strategy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a revitalized technology and  innovation strategy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a revitalized technology and innovation strategy

A renewed Science, Technology and Innovation strategy released by Prime Minister Stephen Harper Dec. 4  embraces numerous ITAC initiatives the association has been driving forward.

ITAC President and CEO Karna Gupta says the framework underscores the importance of technology and innovation for Canada’s future and deals specifically with the important issues of technology adoption and retaining and attracting highly qualified and skilled individuals.

“We operate programs like CareerMash and Business Technology Management (BTM)  that are a perfect fit with governments focus on ensuring young people have the skills for succeed in the digital future,” said Gupta. ” Our work on the digital economy and supporting innovation efforts like the Ingenious Awards are a perfect fit with the government’s priorities.”,

ITAC was one of 200 groups that made presentation to the committee that developed the revamped strategy.

Seizing Canada’s Moment: Moving Forward in Science, Technology and Innovation 2014, acknowledges the success of Canada’s economy depends on advancing cutting edge science, technology and innovation in Canada.

In a press conference the Prime Minister said a renewed strategy was required to more adequately reflect the shifting global landscape and provide a guide for federal priorities to promote Canada’s strengths.

Seizing Canada’s Moment will focus on

  • Attracting and retaining the highly-qualified and skilled individuals
  • Developing internships and hands-on opportunities for young people to help ensure they have the skills to succeed in a world where every job is an ICT job
  • Support federal science-based institutions to perform research that delivers on regulatory, public policy and operational mandates
  • Bring new ideas and knowledge to market by stimulating more demand for innovation from firms of all sizes and encouraging more innovation-focused business strategies
  • Make it easier for businesses to work with partners, including government, in the innovation system and foster collaborations based on industrial-demand

The report indicates the governments willingness to build on Digital Canada 150, the recently announced plan to guide Canada’s digital future. Firms will also be encouraged to protect their intellectual property and enhance Canada’s access to global markets.