ITAC Launches ICT Fundamentals for a Successful Innovation Agenda

For Immediate Release

September 8, 2016

ITAC Launches ICT Fundamentals for a Successful Innovation Agenda

 Ottawa, ON – The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is pleased to announce the first in a series of five innovation papers that underscore the challenges faced by the information communications technology (ICT) sector. ICT is the fuel that ignites Canada’s Innovation Agenda and as such ITAC recommends fundamental policy changes and investments in four core areas.

“The ICT sector is not just a vertical; it’s a horizontal that innovates every single sector across the country,” stated Robert Watson, President and CEO, ITAC.  “We need to be fully involved in the final development stages of Canada’s Innovation Agenda,” adds Watson.

In the first Innovation Paper released today, ITAC summarizes the four papers that will soon follow. In this paper ITAC also highlights that meaningful, bold changes are needed, such as:

  • A willingness by government to make substantive policy changes;
  • A whole-of-government approach to innovation program and policy development;
  • Involvement from the tech sector throughout; and
  • A circle back with experienced ICT leaders to table plans before they become final.

The focus of the upcoming Innovation Papers will be:

  1. Modern Digital Economy Innovation Paper (September 2016)
  2. Competitiveness and Trade Innovation Paper (September 2016)
  3. Modern Digital Government Innovation Paper (October 2016)
  4. Talent and Skills Development Innovation Paper (November 2016)

To further support, ITAC will showcase the thought leadership behind each innovation paper through a policy debate in mid-November.  This event will provide an opportunity for policy makers to hear perspectives from industry, academia, and other subject matter experts on what they would like to see from Canada’s Innovation Agenda.

About ITAC

As Canada’s national ICT business association, ITAC champions the development of a robust and sustainable digital economy in Canada. A prominent advocate for the expansion of Canada’s innovative capacity, ITAC encourages technology adoption to capitalize on productivity and performance opportunities across all sectors. A member-driven not-for-profit, ITAC has served as the authoritative national voice of the $170 billion ICT industry.