ITAC Quebec Launches March 26

ITAC FR LOGOThe Information Technology Association of Canada is expanding its presence in Quebec with the official launch of ITAC Quebec on March 26 in Montreal.
“We’ve been working quietly in Quebec for a number of years, but as Canada’s national ICT business association we felt the time was right to provide the local ICT businesses with a distinct forum to act collectively on local issues,” says ITAC President and CEO Karna Gupta.
The ITAC Quebec initiative will be spearheaded by ITAC Vice-president Francois Morin. The official launch will take place at an evening reception during Montreal’s Smart City Expo.
Information Technology has a significant impact on the Quebec economy. Among employed ICT professionals, 86,230 work in the ICT sector directly, while 111,770 work in other sectors like manufacturing, health. It accounts of 4.6 per cent of the province’s GDP and the sector invests nearly $ 1 billion annually in R&D, or 20% of the Quebec’s total annual investment.
“Many global businesses have set up operations in Québec to take advantage of the skilled and highly creative workforce, as well as the proximity to the American market,” says Morin, “but there are also a growing number of smart small and medium sized business working here and getting ready to eye world markets.”
ITAC Quebec will give both the large and small players a stronger network for business development and a collective voice when dealing with provincial procurement and tax credit issues. Mr. Morin recently made a presentation to the Godbout Commission of behalf of ITAC calling on the Quebec government to enrich “or at minimum preserve” Québec’s current tax credits for research and development. He also urged that e-commerce tax credit be restored to the 30 per cent level.
All members of ITAC Quebec will enjoy full member status in the national organization and benefit from the advocacy, networking and professional development services available to members across the country
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