ITAC Response to Federal Cyber Security Review

In October, ITAC provided input to Public Safety Canada’s Cyber Security review, a process that will establish the federal government’s approach to the cyber security industry and innovation for the next several years. The response was created by a working group of over 20 ITAC members from across the cyber security industry landscape.

The ITAC response identifies a range of challenges faced by industry, including the shortage of cyber talent and a lack of coordination across the federal government. It also puts forward a range of actionable recommendations including:

  • Implement a cyber certification program as a minimum standard
  • Implement tax incentives and other nudges to encourage businesses to conduct regular cyber risk assessments
  • Work with schools, universities and industry to address the cyber talent gap
  • Centralize cyber security functions and public communications within the federal government through a federal CISO
  • Create a National Centre for Cyber Security Innovation to connect industry with academics and experts in the government security establishment

You can read the full policy response paper itac-cyber-review-response-oct2016

ITAC looks forward to working with Public Safety Canada and other federal departments and agencies to advance the outcomes of this consultation.

For further information on ITAC’s work on this consultation or ITAC’s other cyber security initiatives, please contact David Messer, Sr. Director – Policy, ITAC, at