ITAC Talent Launches Website to Aid Canada’s Tech Future


ITAC-Talent-Launches-Website-300x180ITAC Talent is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

ITAC Talent, a division of ITAC, works with business leaders, the public sector, and educators to motivate young people to select today’s in-demand tech–related careers, and improve the availability and quality of post-secondary technology–related education.

ITAC Talent also operates mentorship programs and develops education initiatives at both secondary and post-secondary levels. 

As the demand for technology jobs is expected to outstrip supply over the next decade in Canada ITAC Talent’s initiatives play a critical role in helping increase the available IT talent. These initiatives include the BTM (Business Technology Management) program, which develops unique post-secondary education in business and technology, and CareerMash, which promotes technology careers to high school students. ITAC Talent also focuses on increasing the participation of women in technology careerscreating occupational standards, and hosting various events across the country to educate and excite individuals about careers in IT.

For more information about ITAC Talent and how you and your organization can participate in ITAC Talent’s initiatives, or to expand your current involvement, please visit