ITAC’s new President & CEO, Angela Mondou seeks member insight

As the trusted and authoritative voice of the ICT industry, ITAC’s mission is to promote and enhance the significant contribution that digital technology can make to Canada’s economic prosperity. To do this we are focused on the growth of an innovation ecosystem that:

  • Improves productivity through the robust adoption of technology;
  • Drives innovation and competitiveness in the technology sector;
  • Improves the talent pool, skills & diversity of the technology sector; and
  • Modernizes the public sector in its use of information technology.

ITAC and its members do what we do every day to move the needle closer to the successful achievement of this mission. With the goal of taking ITAC’s programs and member engagement to a new level of impact at this pivotal time in Canada’s ICT sector, the Association’s new President and CEO, Angela Mondou is looking forward to connecting with many of our members over the next few months.

The value of member engagement and insight into our activities at the local, provincial and federal level is insurmountable.  To help ensure our Association’s members are getting the most out of their membership, Angela Mondou will be seeking your input over the coming months to learn more about what it is that you feel we can do to better support our vision of influencing Canada’s position as a global leader and serve you better as a valued member of the organization.

Over the coming months, the ITAC membership team will be reaching out directly to a number of our diverse group of members for feedback regarding the areas and activities where our programming does or could add value.  Should you be interested in speaking with Angela as well, please reach out directly to ITAC’s Director of Membership, Mariana Kutin Morais, at or at 905-602-8345 ext. 2431.

Please be advised that the results of these conversations will be confidential, and used for research, program development and to help meet the Association’s vision and mission.

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