Looking for Opportunities in India? ITAC Can Help

ITAC will lead a mission of 10 Canadian ICT companies to India from January 18-21, 2015. This mission is specifically designed for ICT companies in telecom (including applications), cybersecurity and e-health. Canadian companies on this mission will meet large Indian-based multinational firms seeking new partners to address these specific areas of expertise. The first two days of the mission will take place in Mumbai. Then depending upon specific focus, the companies will travel to Delhi (telecom and Health) and to Bangalore (cybersecurity).

The mission will be conducted with the active participation of Department of Foreign Affairs, Development and Trade, Trade Commissioner Service as well as Export Development Canada and Invest Ottawa. This mission will present an opportunity to establish meaningful business contacts in the Indian marketplace. It will also offer an important grounding in the Indian business culture and present participants with useful market intelligence. The mission is designed to provide a sound foundation for ongoing business development in the Indian market or to accelerate business development initiatives already underway.

Thanks to funding from DFATD, ITAC can reduce the travel costs associated with this mission by up to half.

We believe this mission offers ICT companies a high-value, curated exposure to a vitally important market at significantly reduced costs.
ITAC’s recruitment process for this mission is now open. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Lynda Leonard in our Ottawa office.

ITAC and Invest Ottawa recently conducted a “Doing Business in India” seminar. Please feel free to review the material presented at the session.