New ITAC President and CEO seeks member input and feedback. Have your say today!

ITAC’s Boards of Directors and staff are excited to welcome new President and Chief Executive Officer, Angela Mondou to the ITAC team.  Angela, who started with ITAC on April 15, has more than 25 years of global and Canadian experience driving transformational programs in the tech sector.

Having recently taken over the role, Angela is beginning the process of reaching out directly to many of our Association’s members. Their insight is of significant value to her personally, and to our organization as a whole.

If you’re an ITAC member and are willing to connect for a half an hour meeting over the next four-to-five weeks to discuss your experience as a member of ITAC to date, please let us know. Angela is interested in exploring your level of engagement, your interest in the various programs we are running, and the overall alignment of our mission. She is also seeking insight and recommendations where you see fit.

Should this be of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.  I can be reached at or at 905-602-8345 ext. 2431.