Nulogy Promotes Women in Technology at National Labour Forum

Unknown“In the technology sector, females are definitely the minority.”

That’s the message that Lally Rementilla, Vice-President of Finance and Administration at Nulogy and an ITAC board member, took to Building Canada’s Economy: Best Practices for Supporting Women in Non-Traditional Sectors—a forum presented by Status of Women Canada in Ottawa.

“While this (disproportionate representation) means that it might be harder for women to carve out their own path to success in non-traditional fields, it also means that these sectors have a tremendous opportunity to tap into uncovered talent,” said Rementilla.

The Building Canada’s Economy forum is part of the Government of Canada’s agenda to promote workplace diversity, and focuses on best practices and strategies to increase female participation in non-traditional sectors like technology, scientific professions, and skilled trades. The focus at the forum will be on discussing practices that encourages the hiring, engagement and retention of women in non-traditional sectors.