Ottawa-based Network Technology Centre Lands $11.7 million

man at podiumAn Ottawa-based not-for-profit that is out to ensure Canada maintains its position as a world leader in next generation network technologies has landed $11.7 million over five years in federal government funding.

The funds come from the latest round of competition in the government’s Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program.

CENGN is a consortium of industry, academic and research leaders dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of next generation communications solutions. CENGN will help bridge the gap between research and commercialization – a key component to building successful startup companies. CENGN members are collaborating to lower the barrier to entry for small and medium companies and researchers. These companies are working together for the first time to ensure the growth and sustainability of the communications industry in Canada.

CENGN will address the growing demand for content on multiple platforms; make effective use of cloud-based applications; and prepare for the ‘Internet of Things,’ which promises to connect a vast number of ‘smart’ devices, and revolutionize the way people go about their business. The centre will develop a unique physical and virtualized multi-vendor platform to accelerate and foster innovation.

It will also promote the development of cloud-based applications in areas such as healthcare, energy, education, financial services and the environment.

“Ottawa has long been known for its excellence in telecommunications,” said Ritch Dusome,  CENGN’s CEO and President “We already have established partnerships with multinational corporations and scores of small- and medium-sized enterprises. This consortium will build on Canada’s outstanding innovation infrastructure to ensure this country continues to be a leader in next generation network technology.”

Invest Ottawa is a CENGN partner and a key stakeholder in Eastern Ontario.

“CENGN will play a critical role in helping Canadian companies become market winners in the $5 trillion global information technology market,” said Invest Ottawa president and CEO Bruce Lazenby.

“The network will bring together partners representing every link in the supply chain—equipment manufacturers, service providers, SMEs and start-ups, and research organizations. Ottawa is home to much of Canada’s IT infrastructure, so it makes perfect sense to have CENGN headquartered here.”

“Information and communications technologies are traditional areas of research and business strength for Canada,” added Janet Walden, Chief Operation Officer of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. “CENGN has set an ambitious goal of gaining back some of the territory Canada has lost in the telecommunications industry. The centre has the right elements for success and the drive to make this idea work.”