Shared Services Canada Advances Transformation Agenda


Shared Services Canada (SCC) has opened industry discussion on its transition plan for identity, credential and access management.  In a meeting of its Architectural Framework Advisory Committee today, SSC sought feedback on its transformation to a consolidated enterprise solution.  Further consultations and a tender process are expected later this fall.  SSC also asked for industry opinions on whether it should set standards for cloud services as part of its efforts to implement a strategy that allows for vendor competition, with one service management system.  Most industry participants advised that cloud services are not sufficiently mature to place bets on a single standard for the future.  See SCC’s presentation here: AFAC_Cloud Computing_ Challenges _July 2013.

On July 17th, SCC moves forward with industry engagement on its Data Centre Consolidation Program.  Potential suppliers have been invited to a session on its strategy to reduce 485 data centres to fewer than 20 modern, secure and reliable centres.  As well, on July 9th, SCC held an industry day on its plan to consolidate over 50 Departmental networks into an enterprise-wide “GCNet”.  Both of these sessions are being followed by one-on-one meetings with suppliers and a Request for Information.  For more information, see