SMA asks tech marketers about their challenges and top tactics

Want to find out what your tech marketing peers are up to? We wanted to know too, so we surveyed 30 marketing professionals in technology firms. The goal of our telephone survey: to learn more about the challenges that tech marketers are facing, and the tactics they use to generate profitable sales revenue. Now, we’d like to share their perspectives with you.

These are some highlights from the survey results:

  • The #1 challenge: resource and budget constraints.
  • The #1 tactic: digital marketing, to build awareness and credibility. (This category includes social, inbound marketing, content marketing, and online outreach.)
  • Still popular tactics: call-out programs & events, executed by Marketing, to find prospective accounts for Sales.
  • Biggest growth area: physical direct mail – it’s making a comeback.

I invite you to read about the findings in more detail – I think you’ll find it thought-provoking. You may also be interested in summaries of recent SMA/ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada) Marketing Think Tanks. These sessions cover such topics as finding new customers, doing more with less, and ways to increase ROI. The follow-up summaries offer a great way to understand more about the challenges that tech marketers face, and what they’re doing to be successful in this industry.