Speech From The Throne Offers Encouraging Direction

By Karna Gupta, President & CEO, ITAC

UnknownThe Government’s 2013 Speech From the Throne did not have sufficient details about initiatives to be introduced during the coming session of Parliament, but contained several items that drew my attention.

I was pleased to hear the Government recognize the opportunity Canada has to “build on our ingenuity,” and I welcome the related announcement that we can expect an updated Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy in the coming months.

Along with the commitment to continue making targeted investments in science and innovation commercialization plans, a new STI strategy will help us realize our goal of keeping Canada competitive in the global knowledge economy.

I am also encouraged by the Government’s pledge to introduce a new model to select immigrants based on the skills that Canadian employers need. Our ICT sector requires highly skilled knowledge workers if it is to thrive, and we hope this new immigration plan addresses those needs.

The recent comment by Employment Minister Jason Kenney regarding the possible renewal of the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion process was reflected by the Government’s promise to complete reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. ITAC will monitor these changes with interest.

There were a number of other items of interest in the Throne Speech for ITAC members, including a plan to assist Canadian businesses as they expand abroad and investment in youth employment to to provide real-life work experience in high demand fields.  ITAC looks forward to working with the Federal Government on behalf of ITAC members to help shape these plans as they roll-out.