ITAC Welcomes new Federal Commitments to Support Trade

governmentfederalThe federal government’ s move to establish a new export market development program and expand the Trade Commissioner Service is a welcome step that will help ICT companies interested in growth tap more effectively into export markets.

Karna Gupta, President and CEO of ITAC, says the association has repeatedly urged Ottawa to maximize the value of free trade agreements by enhancing trade promotion and economic diplomacy, including new tools for exporters and additional resources for the Trade Commissioner Service.

The announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper provides many of those long sought options.

“In order for emerging Canadian ICT companies to reach a sustainable size, they must be able to tap into markets emerging outside Canada, ” says Gupta.

“This belief drives our work with SMEs to encourage early and effective international business strategies, leading  trade missions and advocating for the policies and programs necessary to expand Canadian ICT companies’ market access.”

The export market development program will receive $50 million over five years to provide non-repayable matching contributions to companies seeking to export to emerging markets for the first time. The program aims to reach 500-1000 exporters per year and will cover market research and participation in trade fairs and business development trips.