Tech industry commends government for commitments to generational IT investments, procurement modernization, and universal broadband in Speech from the Throne

Leveraging Canada’s technology sector to provide solutions will support growth of digital economy and SMEs hit hard by pandemic

Ottawa, ON (September 23, 2020) – TECHNATION, Canada’s leading tech industry association commends the Government of Canada’s intention to implement policies in support of the technology industry, as noted in today’s Speech from the Throne. TECHNATION has long advocated for these changes and strongly recommends government enact bold public sector policies to stimulate the economy.

Canada’s technology sector is poised now to provide innovative tech solutions to the government to deliver on IT commitments made in today’s Speech to the Throne.

A number of TECHNATION’s recommendations were addressed in today’s Speech, and are a positive step forward. The Government of Canada’s commitments include:

  • Making generational investments in updating outdated IT systems to modernize the way that Government serves Canadians;
  • Committing to procurement modernization, notably through increasing diversity on procurement;
  • The implementation of a rural broadband strategy and the acceleration of the Universal Broadband Fund – an important step to ensure that all Canadians are connected and competitive; and
  • A commitment to supporting the competitiveness and growth of homegrown companies – in particular, supporting Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

However, TECHNATION was disappointed that the Speech from the Throne referenced the tech industry in the context of “digital giants”. TECHNATION has always advocated for a multilateral approach, embracing the laws already on the books, in creating a fair and equitable taxation system.

Canada’s digital economy requires ongoing investment. Disruptive technologies provide opportunities and challenges for Canada and they must be addressed through policies and initiatives – even more important now that the country is dealing with the severe economic impact of a pandemic.

Earlier this week, TECHNATION presented four themes crucial for economic recovery and growth in Canada. They included the following:

  1. Investment in Canada’s tech sector is vital for our nation’s economic recovery.
  2. Government must leverage its purchasing power to drive Canada’s economic recovery.
  3. Canada’s digital infrastructure must be a top priority.
  4. Government intervention in tech policy must be done with a multilateral approach.

The next step is true collaboration; for industry and government to get serious and work together to deliver high quality services to Canadians and drive economic recovery.


“Today’s Speech from the Throne represents a move in the right direction. Government commitments to generational investments in IT systems, diversity in procurement, and rural broadband are crucial steps in recovering from the impact of COVID-19,” Angela Mondou, TECHNATION President and CEO

“As the Government provides further detail of its plan, its important to recognize that Canada’s technology industry already has innovative, shovel-ready solutions to help drive competitiveness and improved service delivery. We look forward to continuing our work with the Government of Canada to implement policies that support tech companies, from SMEs to large corporations, now and into the future,” Angela Mondou, TECHNATION President and CEO



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