TPP Agreement Announced

Canada has concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest, most ambitious free trade initiative in history. It is a comprehensive, economic, strategic and balanced agreement that will increase Canada’s foothold in the Asia-Pacific, a region that is expected to comprise two-thirds of the world’s middle class by 2030, and one-half of global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050.


ITAC Response:

“At ITAC we are always looking at ways to develop new opportunities for our members to scale their business beyond Canadian market.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an important 21st century trade agreement that provides access to some of the largest ICT markets.  Trade is a key element of Canada’s competitiveness in the global economy.   Together we must help Canadian business understand the benefits foreign markets hold and seize the opportunities the new trade agreements can present,” said Karna Gupta, President and CEO of ITAC.