Understanding Communications Regulations and Policy

Do you want to learn how private industry, government and regulatory agencies respond to new issues and challenges?

The WCT 2014 Jeanne Sauvé Career Development program is offering a “back stage pass” for interested individuals to learn about the challenges of program design, strategy and how best to meet the needs of customers,legislators and stakeholders.

What you will gain from the experience:

– an opportunity to educate and empower yourself
– new perspectives and insights about the industry
– direct access to some of the industry’s most influential policy and regulatory decision makers
– new ways to think, work and springboard your career

The Program
The Jeanne Sauvé Career Development program is a chance for six participants – one each from Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage and the CRTC, as well as three from private-sector organizations – to take part in a two-week rotation. Participants tailor the agenda for this in-depth look at communications regulation and policy.


In the private sector, the program is open to WCT members working in management – or preparing for a management role in the communications or technology industries – with a background or experience that makes this program’s policy and regulatory focus relevant.

How to apply

Applicants apply directly to Women in Communications Technology.
Application form
Application form (French)

The application deadline is Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 5 p.m.