Update: ITAC Executive Briefing on Opening the Doors to Government Data with Corinne Charette

Posted June 11, 2013

Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Corinne Charette led the panel discussion on the government’s open data initiative. Corinne challenged ITAC members to use data sets to drive prosperity echoing Minister Tony Clement’s statement last year that that data is Canada’s newest natural resource.

Corinne also asked ITAC to consider how companies access, analyze and create wealth, contribute to the public good and improve quality of life through the use of open data. Everyone agreed that achieving a government federated open data platform is a worthy goal as Canadians could access education and health care data across Canada through one portal. Issues that were identified included:

  • Driving insight from data analytics
  • The unique opportunities of this initiative for business
  • The significant public good opportunities (such as response to disaster) where open data can create value
  • Obtaining the required talent is a growing issue in Canada and globally.

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