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2019 Canadian Health Informatics Awards May 27,2019

The 2019 CHIA Gala was held at the e-Health Conference at the Beanfield Center in Toronto on May 27, 2019, hosted by Digital Health Canada and ITAC Health.

2019 CHIA Winners  Announced 

2019 CHIA Project Team Finalists Announced



About ITAC Health…The voice of Canada’s ICT industry to the healthcare sector.

Representing more than 120 Canadian ICT companies that are actively involved in the health sector, ITAC Health promotes the role its members can play in establishing the Canadian healthcare industry as a global leader. ITAC Health serves its members as a collective voice to healthcare professionals, government representatives, researchers, and healthcare consumers, and as a conduit for those stake-holders to leverage the members’ ability to facilitate the Canadian healthcare system as a “model of excellence” for healthcare systems around the world. Through collaboration, ITAC Health and its members work with healthcare stakeholders to improve the health of Canadians and the efficiency of the Canadian healthcare system through the implementation of information and communications technologies.

ITAC Health membership provides a unique opportunity for ongoing industry “intelligence” for any small to medium size enterprise, major Canadian company or multi–national firm that provides products and services to the Canadian Healthcare ICT Sector.

ITAC Health Vision
To improve the health and wellness of Canadians, and support an effective and sustainable healthcare system through the use of innovative technologies. Drive value to our members through the promotion of domestic and international trade development.

ITAC Health Mission
As the trusted and authoritative voice of the Health Technology Industry, ITAC Health’s mission is to promote and enhance the significant contribution that digital technology can make to Canada’s economic prosperity, and to the health and wellness of Canadians.

ITAC Health will strive to influence policy and advocate for the adoption of innovative technologies that:

  • Align with international trends to maximize economic development and export opportunities for our members,
  • Have a direct benefit to patients, providers and the health system,
  • Create an ROI, improve patient outcomes and convenience for consumers.

ITAC Health Governance and Committees

ITAC Health Official Journal

Healthcare Information & Communications Canada, HIM&CC, is the official journal of ITAC Health  – current and past articles can be found on their website at –  .

The journal publishes articles written by ITAC Health members and stakeholders from across Canada that discuss and address current trends and issues in Canada’s Health IT sector.  ITAC Health members are provided significant advertising discounts because of the ITAC health relationship with HIM&CC.  The journal also serves as the official journal of COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association) for more information please contact Elaine Huesing –


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Links to ITAC Health’s current and past projects and programs

ITAC Health White Paper: Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Technologies in Canada – October 2018

ITAC Health Webinar – Intro to Health Standards Organization – Recorded Presentation from October 13, 2017 Webinar
bringing the best evidence, best experts and best practices to the table in 1) the establishment of a standing Technology-Enabled Health Technical Committee and 2) the development of a Telehealth standards. This Technical Committee and the standards they develop will focus on the importance of technology in the delivery of health services around the world through facilitating communication, information transfer and education. HSO is seeking support from organizations like yours to help us improve health services around the world through technology.

MOHLTC HIS Renewal StrategyJuly 28, 2017

ITAC Health Interoperability and Standards Committee (ISC) Position on Canadian Healthcare Interoperability Standards – November 14, 2016

Thank you to the Sponsors of the Canadian Reception at HIMSS 2017 – for more information about how to sponsor the Canadian Reception at HIMSS 2018 click here .

ITAC Health MPD Procurement Task Force published Value AlgorithmMay 2012

infomatics studyHI and HIM HR Outlook 2014 – 2019 –  A new report examining hiring requirements for HI and HI professionals; also identifies areas facing risk of skills shortages 2014-2019.  Study supported by ITAC Health, COACH, CHIMA, CHI, CIHI, and ICTC.


banner - Kathryn Hannah NI

“Health Informatics is being increasingly selected by Nursing professionals as a field of study and as a career option. This is important. This scholarship is a major step forward in signalling to all nurses, and indeed the entire healthcare system, that nurses are about to increasingly step up to leadership roles within HI.” Roger Girard, HealthOptions, Inc.


ITAC Health is pleased to be an ongoing supporter of the Dr. Kathryn J. Hannah Nursing Informatics Scholarship –  for more information the scholarship please see their website –


C-HOBIC/Dr. Lynn Nagle

ITAC Health Submission to Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation – Advancing Health and Prosperity