CIHR eHIPP (eHealth Innovations Partnership Program)

On Wednesday December 10th, 2014 ITAC hosted a webinar for CIHR to provided detailed information to the ITAC Health Membership about eHIPP (eHealth Innovations Partnership Program) .  A more detailed background to the program is provided below as well as links to the various areas for further information.  A copy of the presentation provided is attached here – ITAC Health-CIHR eHIPP webinar .

The opportunity

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) eHealth Innovations Partnership Program (eHIPP) is recruiting health technology companies! eHIPP is a collaborative funding program designed to create a new generation of cost-effective patient and population-centred health care by codeveloping innovative ehealth solutions in partnership with health care innovation communities to deliver real-world health care value. eHIPP will support large-scale pragmatic trials in “health care innovation communities,” which are local/regional health care organizations or community ‘test beds’ that have the capacity and interest to integrate ehealth innovations into real-world service delivery (e.g. hospitals, communities, school boards and postsecondary institutions).

What kind of companies would benefit most?

Digital health care and medtech companies that are active in or can adapt their products to address needs in the following priority areas:

  • early identification of and intervention for youth with mental health conditions; or
  • support for seniors with complex care needs in their homes.

Who are we targeting?

eHIPP is looking for Canadian companies and foreign subsidiaries that fit the following profile:

  • They must have differentiated technology (IP) with a clear competitive advantage;
  • They must have identified attractive business growth objectives; and
  • They must have a strong management team seeking strategic partners to fine-tune their products.

Benefits: Why apply?

  • Receive market validation from your target market;
  • Obtain financial assistance to offset your market validation costs;
  • Gain access to researchers, end-users, health service organizations and expertise;
  • Work with all partners to obtain a comparative clinical and cost analysis;
  • Have direct exposure to target markets; and
  • Receive expert advice and guidance on technology integration into the health services market.

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