TECHNATION Health Interoperability and Standards Committee (HISC)

Chair: Charles Aram, Deloitte

Scheduled meeting dates for 2020 & 2021 – September 23, November 18 January 20, March 17 & May 19 – for more information about participation in any of the TECHNATION Health Committees please contact Elaine Huesing, Executive Director, TECHNATION Health,


To promote the adoption of internationally accepted standards for technology, nomenclature, data, and interoperability in health sector. To ensure the membership’s interests are being represented in key areas related to standards and emerging Provincial and Federal regulation.

  • To present a unified industry voice and consultation vehicle for government, associations and policy makers and standard setting bodies.
  • To assist the vendor community to become more knowledgeable about standards and interoperability issues and solutions and to share this knowledge and expertise.
  • Develop skills and knowledge exchange amongst the members and the wider informatics community.
  • To formulate positions on issues that may arise with respect to standards and regulations, and undertake work to establish how best to address and resolve these issues.
  • To promote and facilitate the establishment of national functionality standards, conformance testing and certification processes, including privacy and security issues, so as to facilitate a “level playing field” for all vendors predicated on quality assurance for the marketplace.
  • To ensure the development of secure electronic sharing of patient information (with appropriate patient and physician consent) between vendor systems through the use of Canadian and international interoperability standards.
  • To help members adopt internationally accepted standards to allow Canadian companies to sell abroad.


  • Shape provincial & federal ICT standards/regulation:
    • ISC to follow through on national survey recommendations to advance ITAC’s position on Canadian Interoperability Standards.
    • Grow the relevance of ISC through additional members and partnerships with other standards bodies.
    • Other areas to target include: consumer health, certification, patient safety, credentialing initiatives, devices, personalized medicine etc.


  • Identify ISC priorities and plan (metric: documented strategy)
  • Execute on stated activity (metrics: # of events)
  • Creation of position papers (metrics: # of papers)
  • ISC outcomes – when possible to report on the how the activities of the committee actually moved the needle on standards and regulatory decisions

ITAC Health (ISC) – Interoperability Standards Recommendations Task Force