ITAC Health Membership and Program Development Committee (MPD)

Co-Chairs: Robyn Fulkerson (Tectonic Advisory Services) & TBA

Scheduled meeting dates for 2020 – TBA – for more information about participation in any of the ITAC Health Committees please contact Elaine Huesing, Executive Director, ITAC Health,; (905) 602.8345 ext 2241

To ensure the association provides increasing value to members by facilitating the involvement of ITAC Health members as vital stakeholders in the move to digital health care in Canada. Maintain and grow the membership to achieve financial sustainability and generate revenues to support membership-driven priorities.

  1. Grow the membership, by continuously adding membership value and providing valuable communication to Canada’s vendor community
  2. To provide ITAC Health members with information about and/or providing valuable opportunities for domestic and international business development
  3. Provide ITAC Health with contacts, suggestions and ideas for actively engaging members as key stakeholders and vital contributors in Canada and Internationally.
  4. Ensure that ITAC Health provides increasing value to members and is recognized as “the leading voice of the healthcare vendors in Canada” or “the national coalition of healthcare vendors in Canada
  5. Create programs (networking events, seminars, webinars, briefings etc.) that add value to the existing membership, and to new target member communities (i.e. start-ups).

2017-2018 Objectives:

Maximize market development opportunities

  • Develop and execute on a strategy to attract “start-up” community as ITAC Health members.
  • Establish partnerships and programs with key “accelerators” and innovation groups across Canada (MARs, Mohawk etc.)
  • Representation and promotion at key national and international events that will create demonstrable opportunities for Canadian companies (Trade Commissions, National and International Health IT events)

Increase the adoption of new & innovative ICT solutions:

  • Creation of the Innovation and Emerging Technologies Task Force to drive a focused agenda. The goal of the task force is to target key innovative solutions, build ITAC Health positions and remove critical blockers to adoption.
  • Build awareness by delivering educational seminars, webinars, roundtables targeting members and the broader Health and Public Sectors on the following innovative technologies:
    1. Virtual Care
    2. Cloud Computing
    3. Advanced Analytics/AI/ML
    4. Consumer Health
    5. IOT/Mobility

Build value-added partnerships:

  • Target key partnerships that will support ITAC’s objectives in the market. Execute on meaningful partnership agreements that advance our membership interests.
  • Currently identified targets include: COACH/CHIEF, MEDEC?

Grow our membership and grow revenues:

  • Expand into start-up community and adjacent markets (devices, genomics, etc.) Develop specific membership –drive campaigns to attract new members
  • Deliver more revenue generating (profitable) events


  • Maintain existing membership base (metrics: # of members)
  • Membership satisfaction (metrics: survey results)
  • Attract new members (metrics: # of new members)
  • Maintain and grow revenues through membership-drives and programs (metrics: revenue growth YoY)
  • Execution of value added programs (metrics: # of events, # of attendees, profitability)

Task Forces and Special Interest Groups