June 30, 2020 TECHNATION -updates on government consultations


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June 30, 2020

TECHNATION updates on government consultations

The TECHNATION team, in addition to many of our members, has met with both the Governments of Ontario and Canada throughout their consultation processes over the last month. Throughout this process we have been stressing the need for continued engagement with the technology sector both during the COVID19 crisis and as a leading industry during that will help drive Canada’s economic recovery.

Consultations and advocacy include:

• • • • • •

Members interested in learning more about these initiatives, and/or would like to include input on the Accessible Canada Act, should contact Senior Policy Analyst, Andrew Walker for more information.

The Managed Service Provider for Contingent IT Resources with the province of Ontario;

Federal Privacy and Data Protection when Reopening the Economy;

The federal Procurement Modernisation Strategic Engagement Committee;

Continued conversations on federal Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) /

Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS) Modernisation, specifically on

the proposed taxonomy; and

Work is continuing on the Government of Canada consultations regarding the Accessible

Canada Act. TECHNATION is co-hosting an information session on the ACA and

procurement on July 8 . Please contact Andrew Walker for registration details.

Unlike many summers, we expect government to have a busy July and August as they

continue to consult as part of the recovery planning. Please be aware we could be sharing

additional opportunities for engagement.


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