The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)  is partnering with Magnet to expand the career platform’s supply/demand pipeline, giving ICT job seekers access to more jobs and making it easier and cheaper for small-to-medium sized businesses to tap into the supply of qualified candidates.

MagnetDeveloped at Ryerson University Magnet is a cutting-edge career networking platform that connects employers looking for people with people looking for jobs.

Magnet’s membership currently includes the Ontario Chamber of Commerce whose members represent 60,000+ employers, over 24 universities and colleges, and a growing list of employment-focused organizations across Ontario dedicated to generating jobs and other opportunities.

Magnet is supported by the Government of Ontario, and is in partnership with the Ontario Chambers of Commerce.

How is Magnet Different?

Magnet uses the innovative technology WhoPlusYou a fast, completely secure and highly accurate networking platform to search thousands of candidate profiles. It only matches your opportunity to candidates that are qualified for and interested in your posting, based on their skills and interests.Once you create your organization’s profile on the system, you can start posting jobs and opportunities, and get matched to candidates that you are interested in.

Start Connecting to Qualified Candidates Today

It takes only 10 minutes to build a profile. Simply upload your organization’s multimedia, or transfer your completed company profile from LinkedIn to get started.

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