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Fall Ontario Technation Budget Submission FINAL

Présentation de TECHNATION sur le PL64_oct2020

TECHNATION CCIO Sponsorship – Dec 2 2020 – FINAL

TN Nov19 Event Final

TECHNATION Broader Public Sector CIO Briefing – Sponsorship – FINAL

Samantha Liscio Bio

CANADAS DIGITAL MARKETPLACE Community Partners Communications FINAL

Deborah Greenberg Bio

Jenny Alfandary Bio

Sept2020 Newsletter Events – CDM Final

Sept2020 Newsletter CIO Briefing Final

Sept2020 Newsletter – PBS CIO Briefing FinalSept2020 Newsletter GR – CDM FINAL

Sept2020 Newsletter Health – Extension Deadline Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health – webinar IT Ethics Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health -CyberSecure webinar Final

Sept2020 Newsletter T4C – cybersecurity event final

Sept2020 Newsletter Events – CDM Final

Sept2020 Newsletter FWD – CR Final 

Sept2020  Newsletter GR – CDM FINAL

Sept2020 Newsletter GR – IAP and PBS Final

Sept2020 Newsletter GR – Join Committees Final

Sept2020 Newsletter GR – ON – Trade Missions Final

Sept2020 Newsletter GR – ON appearance Final

Sept2020 Newsletter GR – ON Privacy Submission Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health – Extension Deadline Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health – Framework update Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health – webinar IT Ethics Final

Sept2020 Newsletter Health -CyberSecure webinar Final

TN Budget 2021 Proposal – Innovation Adoption Program – Final Sept 21

ITAC Trade Mission to Ireland Proof of Activity report

ITAC Trade Mission to Web Summit Lisbon Proof of Activity report (November 2-9) final_

TN Pre-Budget Submission Final Aug2020

TN Budget 2021 Proposal – Innovation Adoption Program – Final Aug 11

June2020 Newsletter Legal Name Change Final

June2020 Newsletter TECH2GOV update Final

June 2020 Newsletter Cybersecurity online tools Final

June2020 Newsletter Cybersecurity NOS Final

June2020 Newsletter Cybersecurity Skills Framework Final

June2020 Newsletter INDU COVID Submission FINAL

June2020 Newsletter PSBC meeting updates Final

June2020 Newsletter Welcome Michele Final

June2020 Newsletter Health PIPHA notice Final

June2020 Newsletter Health Security Framework Final

June2020 Newsletter CCIO event recap FINAL

June2020 Newsletter City of TO event recap FINAL

Govt consultations Final2



Career Ready Program – Marketing RFP 2020

StatsCan Student Infograph

8May20 SitRep 2 opps Govt of ON

Career Ready 2.0 member webinar 19Feb20


Feb newsletter – TECHNATION rebrand FINAL

Feb newsletter – new members Final

Feb newsletter – Executive Briefing Final

Feb newsletter – Diversity Article FINAL

Feb newsletter TN-WCT Speaker series NM Final

Feb newsletter Cyber best practices Final

Feb newsletter IDC Final2

2020 TECHNATION (ITAC) March Event Notice

Feb newsletter – diversifying summit Final

Feb newsletter – Hill Day Final

Feb newsletter – New white papers Final

Feb newsletter – CHIA awards Final3

Feb newsletter – Health PHIPA Final

Feb newsletter – HIMSS Final

Feb newsletter – FSC Final

Feb newsletter – new pub on skills Final

Feb newsletter CCIO Breakfast Final

Feb newsletter City of Toronto Briefing Final

Feb newsletter career ready Final

Feb newsletter – ON budget submission Final

CIO article final

ITAC new members Final

Election impact Final

Ingenious final

upcoming events final

Wow dinner final

AI webinar Final

stats can final

working groups Final

Access 2022 Final

Health survey update Final

ITAC and ADaPT final

Regional tour fsc Final

Ontario Data strategy final2

SCC Final

sme opps Final

AI Pathways & challenge Final

career ready final

Cyber Workforce Development_Generalized final

MoU Talent Stream Final


AI Pathways Final

PIPEDA reform consultation – ITAC & ITI FINAL SUBMISSION[1]

Liberal Party Platform Synopsis for ITAC

govt of on procurement survey Final

Career Ready Final


Ontario event update

Cloud paper release and WP article Final2

Cyber Symposium Final2

Cyber Workforce Development Final

FSC Call for proposals Final

Golf Tournament Final

Health Trade Mission overview Final

Ingenious Awards Final

ITAC new members Final

ITAC Web Summit Tech Trade Mission 2019 Final

Leg Review Final

Shared Services Doc Final

Sponsorship opps Final



Summary of GC ITC Expenditure – v1

IT Spending – Detailed – v1 (003)

Senior CR Placement Co ordinator final




Cyber Workforce Development RP Final


26April19 Newsletter Cyber Forum Final v2

26April19 Newsletter Member Input notice final

26April19 Newsletter Man Panel event Final3

26April19 Newseltter ITAC IDC Directions – race to future Final 2

26April19 Newsletter Doing business with On Govt Final

26April19 Newsletter Exec Briefing Final

26April19 Newsletter Govt enterprise data strategy Final

26April19 Newsletter PSPC security screening Final

26April19 Newsletter New Pres & CEO Final

26April19 Newsletter CHIA Awards Final2

26April19 Newsletter Health Trade Mission Final

26April19 Newsletter EY Report on AI Final

26April19 Newsletter ITAC new members Final

26April19 Newsletter Linkedin top 25 final

26April19 Newsletter Ontario Budget Final

26April19 Newsletter Wage subsidies AI and cyber Final

26April19 Newsletter Cyber Forum Final

26April19 Newsletter SME opportunities final2

26April19 Newsletter Four Pillars Final

26April19 ITAC WTC event final


13April19 Ontario Budget Highlights Final

ITAC 2019 Ontario Gov Budget Submission FINAL

scanned document – Hill Times – AL Mar28

22Mar19 Newsletter Ontario Budget Final

22Mar19 Newsletter CHIA Awards Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Executive Briefing Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Federal Budget overview Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Ukraine Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Smart Cities event Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Commercial First Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Future Skills Centre Final

22Mar19 Newsletter GOA events Final

22Mar19 Newsletter IDC Event Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Indian Trade Commissioner Final

22Mar19 Newsletter ITAC Ryerson Partnership Final

22Mar19 Newsletter ITAC SSC consultation Final

22Mar19 Newsletter New Board Members Final

22Mar19 Newsletter Talent Wage Subsidies SMEs Final

26April19 ITAC WTC event final


2019 February Event Notice

ITAC Budget 2019 Highlights DRAFT Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Broader PUblic Sector CIO event Final

ITAC support the launching of Government of Ontario Data Strategy Consultations final


5Feb19 Newsletter Commercial First Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Federal Budget Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Innovation Hub Proposal Final

5Feb19 Newsletter ISED Data Strategy Update Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Smart Cities Tech Summit Final

5Feb19 Newsletter HIMSS Canadian Reception Final

5Feb19 Newsletter ITAC Health Committee Webinar

5Feb19 DNA CSO from EY Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Funding Portal Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Pres & CEO search update Final

5Feb19 Newsletter New Ontario committee Final

5Feb19 Newsletter NY event Final

5Feb19 Newsletter ON budget submission Final

5Feb19 Newsletter BTM Student Compt Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Cyber grant Final

5Feb19 Newsletter ITAC Talent Palette article Final

5Feb19 Newsletter Talent grant AI Final

Palette Employer recruitment (003)


16Jan19 2019 New Year Letter to members 2018 Final

2019 NY Message – Advocacy – Final

2019 NY Message – Ontario – Final

2019 NY Message – Health – Final

2019 NY Message – SMEs – Final

2019 NY Message – Diversity – Final

2019 NY Message – Events – Final

2019 NY Message – Thanks – Final

2019 NY Message – Changes – Final

2019 NY Message – Final Reflection – Final


19Nov18 Newsletter Best places to work Final

19Nov18 Newsletter Challenges in finding talent Final

19Nov18 Newsletter CRTC letter FInal

19Nov18 Newsletter Fireside Chat Final

19Nov18 Newsletter Future of work event Final

19Nov18 Newsletter Internet guidelines Final

19Nov18 Newsletter Karen Ewing – Orion Health Appointment

19Nov18 Newsletter Novari Final

19Nov18 Newsletter Privacy versus Data Protection – Seaton

19Nov18 Newsletter Smart Cities Summit Final


26Nov18 FPSBC OPO Final

26Nov18 Industry Roundtable Final

26Nov18 Budget Hill Day Final

26Nov18 Tech Summit Final

26Nov18 Career Ready Final

26Nov18 ERA Final

26Nov18 Fall Economic Update final

26Nov18 Healthcare webinar Final

26Nov18 HR Forum Final

26Nov18 Ingenious Awards final

26Nov18 ITAC events final

26Nov18 ITAC Health events final

26Nov18 ITAC Health white paper Final

26Nov18 New members Final

26Nov18 Upcoming Trade Missions final

26Nov18 Xplore STEM Final

26Nov18 Web Summit Trade Mission Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Byaview yards Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Career Ready Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Copyright meeting Final

12Oct18 Newsletter CRA member input Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Cyber Summit Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Golf Tournament Thanks Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Infoway announcement Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Lisbon Trade Mission Final

12Oct18 Newsletter New members Final

12Oct18 Newsletter RW Cyber event Final

12Oct18 Newsletter Smart Cities Final

12Oct18 Newsletter TalentMash Final

12Oct18 Newsletter WIL edmonton overview Final

Events Listing – October 2018

12Oct18 Newsletter NAFTA update Final


7Sept18 Career Ready Final

7Dept18 Golf Tournament Final

7Sept18 AL edits Final

7Sept18 Cyber summit Newsletter Final

7Sept18 Fwd50 Final

7Sept18 IT World request Final

7Sept18 ITAC Health committees Final

7Sept18 Ideas Final

7Sept18 National Data event Final

7Sept18 NAFTA Final

7Sept18 New members Final

7Sept18 SME trade missions Final

7Sept18 Taskforce Final

7Sept18 Women in Leadership Edmonton

7Sept18 Xplore update final

7Sept18 2018 September – October Event Notice Final

12July18 Newsletter throne speech Final

ITAC Discovery Day Calgary – Invite

12July18 Newsletter AGM Follow up Final

12July18 Newsletter Cyber event Final

12July18 Newsletter Cyber strategy update Final

12July18 Newsletter Golf Tournament Final

12July18 Newsletter Guidelines article Final

12July18 Newsletter Hague Opp Final

12July18 Newsletter Ingenious sponsorship required Final

12July18 Newsletter Ireland TM Final

12July18 Newsletter OGGO Procurement Final

12July18 Newsletter Thanking Fred Final2

12July18 Newsletter Upcoming trade missions Final

12July18 Newsletter New Ontario Ministers Final

12July18 Newsletter New members July Final

Gavin Tong

FFCP press release June 2018 Canada

TELUS Health

8June18 Newsletter Fall Cyber Save Date Final

8June18 Newsletter Election results Final

8June18 Newsletter Calgary events update Final

8June18 Newsletter June Event Notice

8June18 Newsletter Smart Cities Final

8June18 Newsletter NAFTA and Cyber updates Final

8June18 Newsletter AGM Final

8June18 Newsletter Broader Public Sector CIO Panel Final

8June18 Newsletter Cdn Health Info Award Winners Final

8June18 Newsletter Dave Wattling

8June18 Newsletter Executive briefing Final

8June18 Newsletter Gary Folker ITAC Health Column

8June18 Newsletter Golf Tournament Final

8June18 Newsletter HealthcareCAN

8June18 Newsletter Hill Day overview Final

8June18 Newsletter Ingenious Awards Final

8June18 Newsletter ITAC Health New Board announcement Final

8June18 Newsletter Sask Cyber Event Final

8June18 Newsletter World’s Most Innovative Cos Final

8June18 Newsletter Member whitepapers Final

8June18 Newsletter New members Final



April 26 Newsletter Ontario Budget Update Final

April26 Newsletter Best Workplaces Final

April26 Newsletter NAFTA and Cyber updates Final

April26 Newsletter BTM TalentMash Final

April26 Newsletter CASL response Final

April26 Newsletter Data breach Final

April26 Newsletter Fundingportal Final

April26 Newsletter GOA funding Final

April26 Newsletter Golf tournament Final

April26 Newsletter IDEaS Final

April26 Newsletter Infoway

April26 Newsletter Ingenious awards nominations Final

April26 Newsletter Iris Monitor article Final

April26 Newsletter ITAC Volunteer Award Final

April26 Newsletter New members Final

April26 Newsletter ON Tech Opp Platform Final

April26 Newsletter PCL Final

April26 Newsletter Updates to IM IT policies Final

April26 Newsletter Women in Leadership Event – Final

April26 Newsletter Xplore Sponsorship Final

ITAC Health – Seaton




INDU CASL Submission to INDU 7Nov2017April 26 Newsletter Ontario Budget Update Final

2018 Budget Final 2

Mar18 Newsletter Ontario Budget Final

ITAC Health – An Agile Approach to Privacy and Security

ITAC Health – Canadian Digital Health Interoperability Scorecard

ITAC Health – Innovation is at the Heart of Exceptional, Efficient, and Sustainable Healthcare

Mar18 Newsletter Standing Committee Fam and Comm Final

Mar18 Newsletter 2018 Budget Final 2

Mar18 Newsletter 2018 Hill Day Final

Mar18 Newsletter Members in the news Final

Mar18 Newsletter 2018 Staff update Final

Mar18 Newsletter Committee appearance Final

Mar18 Newsletter David Telka announcement Final

Mar18 Newsletter Guide to European Innovation Final

Mar18 Newsletter Ingenious nominations open Final

Mar18 Newsletter ITAC Talent – Accreditation Final

Mar18 Newsletter Lisa Carroll Announcement Final


2018 ITAC Sponsorship Package