Cybersecurity National Occupational Standard


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June 30, 2020

NEW: Cybersecurity National Occupational Standard

TECHNATION’s Cybersecurity Talent Alliance in consultations with industry, academia and multiple levels of Government recently created and launched a Cybersecurity National Occupational Standard (NOS).


This NOS defines core cybersecurity work as distinct from other occupations in information technology, security, business management, or public administration. Cybersecurity is not, however, just about technical systems, it’s also about people, their behaviour and how they connect and engage with those systems.

This NOS, based on the recently launched Canadian Cybersecurity Skills Framework, identifies core cybersecurity roles across the Canadian labour market; provides unique insights on cybersecurity ‘adjacent’ roles and security generalist functions; and includes a robust representation of 20+ core cybersecurity roles that should prove helpful to those exploring cybersecurity careers, educators, employers and other workforce development stakeholders such as government, professional associations, sector councils, employment centres – and so much more! Download your copy today.

For more information, contact Sandi Campbell, Sr. Program Director, Cybersecurity at