New Privacy and Security Framework looks at health legislation and standards


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June 30, 2020

New Privacy and Security Framework looks at health legislation and standards

In mid-June, TECHNATION’s Health division launched a new Privacy and Security Network Framework, in consultation with the TECHNATION Health Advocacy Committee, TECHNATION Health Board of Directors, and privacy and security officers from member companies.

The purpose of the Framework is to address the management of privacy and security, which have become priorities for government and business leaders responsible for the protection of sensitive health data and critical health infrastructure.

Recent privacy breaches and ransomware attacks have demonstrated how vulnerable Canada’s digital health systems are to compromise. Healthcare organizations and the technology companies that support them must be vigilant in ensuring that the appropriate privacy and security controls are in place.

The Framework notes that it is impossible to discuss issues of privacy and security in healthcare without acknowledging the global disruption driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbates the situation to levels not seen in modern history. Never has there been such a need to balance the rights of individuals against the need to protect the population from disease and death.

Responding to the pandemic will drive unprecedented levels of innovation as governments and public health authorities around the world seek solutions to problems that have never existed at this scale.

The Framework outlines important factors that must be considered as we develop policies and standards to protect the privacy and security of personal health information and critical healthcare infrastructure. This includes – but is not limited to – cybersecurity, data sovereignty, de-identification, secondary use of health data for innovation and research, and General Data Protection Regulation.

To read the full Framework click here.

The Health division and associated committees will continue to work on the Framework, which will evolve and include other key topic areas going forward. The next phase is expected to be released late Fall, 2020.

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