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June 30, 2020

Register today on digital marketplace platform for access to challenge- based procurements, connect with industry peers and drive more modern procurement approach with government

In May, TECHNATION launched its TECH2GOV Digital Marketplace, an open business intelligence platform available to all incorporated technology companies in Canada to register and showcase all areas of their technology specialization and experience.

Registering has many benefits to your organization, in particular:

  • You will have direct access to Government procurement opportunities;
  • You will have a powerful opportunity to showcase your technology capabilities, and to increase your visibility to government procurement managers; and,
  • You have an opportunity to connect with other
    Canadian tech industry organizations on challenges and initiatives, where you may even be able to partner.Have you registered yet? There is no cost to register and it will only take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Simply visit

    TECHNATION recently collaborated with Shared Services Canada (SSC) to help address the federal government’s endeavour to drive a more modernized procurement approach through challenge-based procurement opportunities and attain greater participation from the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) community.

    Expected benefits of the proposed collaboration between SSC and TECHNATION include:

  • Improved outreach: The Digital Marketplace enables greater outreach with SMEs that couldpotentially have the required capacity to perform in accordance with the requirements of the

    resulting contract.

  • Simplified submission process: Procurement Process 3.0 offers a less administrativelyburden process for Bidders to participate to solicitation process.
  • SME’s improved access to demonstrations and prototypes activities: PP3.0 is designed toimprove SMEs’ access to demonstration and prototype.
  • Providing the Government of Canada with greater visibility of the rapidly evolving technology solutions available in the marketplace.Overall, our goal as a national industry association, is to help support the transformation of Government procurement to a more agile and accessible process open to companies of all size. And although TECHNATION can’t guarantee specific business uptake by government, our intention

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is to ensure that all registered companies / technology solutions are well represented to Government.

This is just the beginning of a productive relationship between our industry and the Government of Canada. This is a can’t be missed opportunity to shape the future of agile and flexible procurement in Canada. SSC has issued its first challenge-based procurement which you can access through the Digital Marketplace.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to connect with TECHNATION staff directly: Andrew Walker, or Stephanie Vizinho at