Driving innovation and competitiveness

ITAC  is dedicated to helping grow the the number of ICT companies in Canada by 5% in 2014 as well as increase innovation and competitiveness of ICT companies in Canada. Access to new markets is becoming increasingly important so establishing a set of programs which helps new, innovative ICT companies to scale globally (e.g., building on innovation) is what ITAC is focused on achieving.

  • A key strategy for ensuring that Canadian ICT companies are strong and competitive is ensuring that the tax regime in Canada supports innovation and growth.  ITAC advocates strenuously for fiscal measures that support research and development, robust capital markets, competitive personal and corporate taxes and appropriate retail tax measures.  We receive our guidance in this advocacy from ITAC’s Tax and Finance Committee composed of the tax experts, CTOs, and other executives within our membership. Karen Atkinson, Partner Business Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP, chairs this committee.Our view is that Canada’s laws should promote and enable leadership in development and use of advanced technology. We want to ensure the establishment of efficient and cost-effective measures that protect privacy and instill confidence in the e-economy.